Organic, sustainable, carbon free, 100% renewable energy:
these are the concepts behind Majolini.
And we turn these concepts into wine.

A sustainable winery

At the Majolini winery, we have always felt that a social function belongs in our business. That’s why we are committed to helping improve the quality of life in wider society and why we support social solidarity projects, cultural initiatives and a push towards environmental sustainability. We were one of the first wineries to adopt the Italian Wine Carbon Calculator (Ita.Ca®) to actively monitor our environmental impact, advocated by the SATA agronomic consultants.

SATA’s analysis over many years show that is it possible to absorb more carbon dioxide into the production cycle than is produced.

Bio ed Energie Rinnovabili

Majolini has chosen to use only renewable energy sources with zero environmental impact.
Two years of monitoring confirm that Majolini's production cycle does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere. Instead, it absorbs it, contributing to the reduction of anhydride in the atmosphere. This result is possible thanks to the woodland we own and preserve every year.
Our winery is the first Franciacorta producer to obtain the SQNPI Sustainable Quality (Integrated Crop Management National Quality System) certification.
We also have a system to collect the rainwater and reuse it.

These are the goals achieved:
ORGANIC company since 2012
SQNPI certification for SUSTAINABLE quality
Electricity only from RENEWABLE sources
System for collecting rainwater to be reused in washing and treatments
Natural system of FILTRATION of washing water (BIOBED)

Social sustainability

Majolini collaborated with various non-profit organizations to support charitable initiatives.
We supported:

- Comitato Maria Letizia Verga per la cura della leucemia del bambino
- Terre des hommes
- Compartir onlus
- Asta benefica per i terremotati in Abruzzo
- Centro anti violenza sulle donne cad Brescia
- Saverio Crea onlus